I Love A Sharp Saw

Chiropractic Oneida NY Family TimeSeveral years ago, there was a pretty severe drought in the Lake Tahoe area. Tree mortality increased markedly during this time. The lack of water weakened the pine trees and a bark beetle came in and attacked them in their weakened state. During this time period, bark beetles killed at least 30% of the pines in the Tahoe Basin. In some areas 70% of the tree mortality increased the risk of catastrophic fires in the urban-wildland interface in and around the lake.

To stop the spread of this beetle and to reduce fire danger, the dead and dying trees had to be cut down.

There was a big, burly, fit young man who approached the foreman of a local logging crew asking for a job.

“Well, that depends,” said the foreman, “Let’s see you fell that tree over there.” He pointed to the skeletal remains of a 120-foot pine tree.

The young man stepped up and felled the tree with great skill and speed.

The foreman, being most impressed, responded, “You can start Monday morning. Be back at the site at 8:00 AM.”

The young man being very conscientious showed up a half hour early every morning. He worked hard felling trees all day long. He never took the scheduled coffee breaks and he would only spend his lunch break eating the lunch his new wife had packed him. It was his first real job and he was eager to impress his boss.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday went by. Thursday afternoon came and the foreman approached the young man and handed him his paycheck.

“But I thought you paid on Fridays,” said the young man.

“Usually I do, but I have to let you go today. You have fallen behind. Look at our daily felling chart. When you arrived here on Monday you were in first place. Each day you dropped on the chart and today you are last,” explained the foreman.

“But I’m the hardest worker around,” the young man objected, “I’m the first here and the last to leave and I work through my coffee breaks.”

The foreman could sense the young man’s integrity and pondered the situation for a moment. Suddenly you could see a light go on in the foreman’s eyes as he filed through his memory bank of experience.

“Have you been sharpening your saw?” he asked.

“No sir,” the young man replied. “I’ve been working too hard to take time for that!”

Oops! I knew I forgot something.

How about you, have you ever forgot to sharpen yourself? When you are trying to reach your goals, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks that are necessary to achieve them. Many of you have been working for years pursuing certain goals only to find that you haven’t gotten any closer. In fact, in some instances, you seem even further away, further in debt, just spinning your wheels.

Take the time to invest in yourself. Sharpen your mind, your body and your skills. This doesn’t mean vegging out in front of the T.V. Keeping your body sharp, means exercising regularly, consuming high-quality foods that nourish your cells, caring for your spine and nervous system through regular chiropractic care, and exposing your mind to positive, thought provoking uplifting content. Create stamina so that when you do reach your goals, you don’t blow out a body part and are unable to enjoy your accomplishment. Keep your mind sharp. You deserve the best!

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