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Have you ever been in a setting that just feels perfect to you? I mean you get this overwhelming feeling of connection, peace and gratitude that just makes you feel like you are in harmony with the universe. In two sentences I tried to capture how I felt this past weekend at different moments while being out in nature in some of the lakes of the Adirondacks. Spiderman would have said that his spider-sense senses danger when an eminent threat was about to materialize. It is a personal awareness that goes beyond the usual senses. Maybe it is just a culmination of all the sensory input from our environment that creates a higher overall awareness. I am not sure of how this particular feeling comes to exist; I am just sure that I know it is good. It makes me want to say that “it soothes my soul.”

All too often we find ourselves rushing through life to get to the next big thing. While trying to crank out another week of work to get to the weekend, we have a tendency to forget to live life along the way.

I find it very important to have a clear idea of where we are heading. I have been made aware of some recent initiatives that are garnering a lot of attention about societal issues locally. These same issues have been a concern in the past with similar groups forming to try and remedy the situation. Names and faces have changed, but the overall problem is still alive and well. I believe that there are a couple of reasons why these initiatives don’t succeed. One being that a clear and measurable outcome is not defined or understood. The other is the real cause or “root” of the problem is vaguely identified, and therefore poorly dealt with.

This scenario is a parallel with physical health problems. The root of the problem is usually something that is very deeply rooted, and has been going on for years, that to try and make a 180 seems overwhelmingly impossible. One of our challenges is that we have been so focused on studying disease to fight it, that we forgot to study health. We have put that on the back burner, and just assumed that if we kill diseases that health will somehow emerge. It would be great if we could legislate, mandate and force health into our population, but it just doesn’t work that way.

My initial thoughts that I opened with about an overwhelming feeling of well-being is a state of mental health that does not happen via force or a drug. It happens through being in tune with the tuner. We all long for the same things whether we realize it or not. Our brain lights up when we have an authentic sense of purpose. When we are missing out on a reason for our existence then we search for ways to create similar brain chemistry by any means. This leads very often to destructive behaviors that not only harm ourselves, but those around us. Those behaviors will continue to persist until one can discover some form of meaningful work that gives them a feeling of being a winner.

Healthy behaviors are rooted in positive mental associations. For example, if your thoughts about exercising are “its going to be painful,” “I’m not good at that,” “I don’t like to run,” then you are not going to do it. On the contrary if your thoughts are “I love how I feel when I am done exercising,” and “I can’t wait to see how I will look and feel in 90 days,” then you are not going to miss a workout.

There is a lot of truth to the statement that it is 90% mental and 10% physical. Unfortunately, we have struggled to operationalize that concept. Trying to reverse those numbers leads to frustration and burnout. Remember to ask what is it that creates health? Don’t get caught in the merry go round of describing the symptoms of disease thinking it will produce health. Understanding how to work with nature, instead of trying to control and manipulate it. If we want to make lasting changes in our health, our community, our country, or the planet it has to begin with the 6 inches between our ears.

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