Acts of Desperation

Once again we had another successful Ladies Night. Twice a year we invite in speakers and vendors of various natural health related areas, to provide our female practice members and guests an opportunity to learn and experience more about creating a healthier life. We have several practice members who seem to make it a point to not miss a Ladies Night. I find it interesting that they are also the ones that continue to have breakthroughs and reach new milestones in their respective lives. I do get an opportunity to briefly meet the guests. Each guest comes to Ladies Night for different reasons. Some are there to just have a good time with a friend, which is great. Others come because they are interested in a particular topic and want to hear some new information. Then there are those who attend because they are desperate for answers that they have yet to find in our sick care system. When someone becomes desperate they will try just about anything to remedy their problem(s).

We see acts of desperation all the time. In sports as the game nears the end the team that is losing will try just about anything to gain the lead from their opponent; the “Hail Mary” in football or “swinging for the fences” in baseball, how about in hockey where they pull out their goalie to add another player on offense in a last ditch effort to score. One of the rules in war is to allow your enemy a way to retreat, otherwise out of desperation they will fight more fiercely and your army will suffer greater casualties than necessary to gain the victory. I could go on and on about ways that mankind has thrown caution to the wind in an attempt to overcome improbable odds.

I have never had very much luck when it comes to odds and gambling. It always seems like every time I’ve tried it I would lose. Because of my poor gambling experiences I now choose to go for the sure thing, I play it safe, I stack the deck in my favor, I don’t choose the high risk/high reward choice, I choose the slow and steady, or the guaranteed return on my investment. This has been my method for avoiding or minimizing the desperate times, because we have all heard the saying that “desperate times call for desperate measures.”

In health care we see acts of desperation being played out with so much routine and regularity that we are numb to it. It is the norm that we accept as “just how it is done.” Take as many chances with your health as you like, ignore the warning signs any way you prefer, and when you are really in a lot of pain, fat, sick, depressed and diseased, don’t worry we have an entire empire designed to get you right back to living your lifestyle of high risk and low reward. I know that may seem insensitive or harsh, but the reality is that if we can’t be disciplined about how we live our life, life itself will discipline us.

Back to the guests from Ladies Night, those that reached that point of desperation are now open to learn and ready to take action. The challenge is to hold their focus and enthusiasm long enough to begin to experience positive changes. The ones that were there for new information or a good time can go either way. Information without application or action is useless. Those that take action and implement will grow and benefit.

Whenever I find out about something that I didn’t know or that I am not doing, I get excited to get started as soon as possible. The sooner I can get started the sooner I begin to see the benefits. The longer I procrastinate the less likely I am to implement the new idea. Time, money, effort and energy spent on developing and growing your health is the best way to minimize acts of desperation, and maximize your quality of life.

Your body follows a certain set of rules. It reacts to everything in your life a specific way. It has an intelligent response for everything. You body also functions best when all of its required needs are fully met. Ignoring those needs or pretending that they don’t matter will lead to diminished potential and ultimately a shorter, lesser quality life. Don’t wake up one day shocked and in a desperate state because you didn’t know or worse yet, you knew better but didn’t take action. Responsibility for your health is not the job of anyone except you. Doctor means to teach. Learning and applying is up to you. Get off of the desperate acts merry go round and join the wellness revolution to promote a healthier, happier, richer more fulfilled life for you and your family.


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