Day 2 – Your Second Visit


On your report visit we explain what we found and how we may be able to help you.

At your second visit Dr. Lombardi will discuss the results of your Day 1 examination, and let you know if he will accept your case. Specifically, he will review your sEMG and Thermography Tests. Dr. Lombardi will teach you about how your brain communicates with your body via your central nervous system and how this relates to your condition. After this, Dr. Lombardi typically recommends a trial adjustment to get an idea how you will respond to care. He will also explain what you may experience following your first adjustment, and he will instruct you to pay close attention to how your body responds. Dr. Lombardi will then ask you to invite your spouse or another person who cares about you to the next visit to go over your entire case and recommendations. We have found that patient results increase dramatically if this person attends this visit with you.


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