Day 3 – Third Visit

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This appointment is for the patient and their spouse or another person who cares about them. Dr. Pete will explain Chiropractic Care and its importance in your goal of becoming well. At this appointment Dr. Pete will show and explain the x-ray results, if x-rays were taken, discuss his recommendation for correcting any problems in the spine, present a treatment plan, the cost of the individualized plan and answer all questions that the patient may have.

Chiropractic Oneida NY Office XrayIf the patient accepts the treatment plan, the patient will then see our Financial Manager to go over office policies, sign all needed paperwork, schedule their appointments, and be trained on how to perform any type of recommended home care.

The patient is also adjusted at this visit. The patient is now officially under care and their progress will be monitored to assure their success in our office.


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