Every once in a while I get a chuckle when a patient says to me, should I ask my real doctor?

Then they backtrack and realize, oh, chiropractors are doctors too.

I’m Doctor Peter Lombardi in Oneida, and while you won’t find me wearing a stethoscope around my neck or a white lab coat, it’s not because I don’t have excellent qualifications like your medical doctor does.

That’s because we have the same education.

We’re both trained in evaluation, diagnosis, and making sure we can read lab tests.

Where we differ is in the treatment.

They’re going to use drugs and surgeries and study drug interactions, where we’re going to be focused on getting you to function so well that you don’t have the need for using those other measures.

So while you won’t find me making medical advice, at the same time, don’t expect your medical doctor to know a whole lot about chiropractic care and your needs there.

For that, come and see us.

We would love to take great care of you and help you to be living your life as close to your 100%, and hopefully just have fewer needs for medications.