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In the past two weeks I have encountered 2 practice members that said almost the same exact statement to me when they finally made a decision to take a next step in their journey to better health. Both of these people have been dealing with chronic metabolic subluxations that have led them to lots of doctors, lots of tests, lots of appointments and little to no difference in their health. They said let’s do it, let’s just bite the bullet and do it. What they were referring to was hiring our functional medicine doctors to order them a comprehensive metabolic panel of blood work, read the results through the lens of ideal cellular health, not viewing it through the lens of the current sick care model that looks to treat disease with drugs and surgery, provide them with a report with detail instructions on lifestyle changes and a specific supplementation regimen. There is a lot to unpack here, so let’s dissect it.

First, the term metabolic subluxation, what is the difference between a neurological subluxation or a chiropractic subluxation. We know that the chiropractic subluxation is when the spine is out of alignment and is causing interference with the brain’s communication with the body. We know that chiropractic subluxations cause a host of health problems depending on how long they have been there, how much interference is taking place, and what nerves are being interfered with can determine what organs, muscles and sensations that can be impacted by that interference. The metabolic subluxation is interference of the metabolic functions of our cells caused by the lifestyle stresses that we have unknowingly been providing. In other words, instead of our spine being out of alignment causing interference in the nervous system, they are looking for blood chemistry results that are out of alignment that are indicating adaptations that eventually lead to sickness and disease.

Now that the stage is set, let’s get into what I think is really noteworthy. The significant moment was making the decision to move forward, instead of remaining in the safety of sticking with what they have always been familiar with. Today cultural authority is what mainstream medicine has been doing. Diagnosing diseases, and treating them with drugs and surgery. This system and mindset work great in emergency situations. It is tried and true. It is absolutely an utter failure when it comes to lifestyle diseases because it is not designed to address the components that go into their origination.  Most people understand that treating the symptoms of a disease may make one feel better temporarily, but correcting the cause will lead to a true healing and recovery. Even though we may know this to be true, to take action on abandoning what everyone else is doing and is familiar with, and going with a totally different approach that is pretty much a self-pay situation takes a bit of a leap of faith. When the pain of staying where you are becomes greater than the fear of the unknown of where you are headed is when the proverbial bullet is bit.

Not everyone gets to this point of frustration and disappointment. As a matter of fact, the frustrations and disappointments are often softened by our closest friends and family. They will literally make us feel like it is ok to continue with what isn’t working instead of supporting a change. They often do this because it makes them uncomfortable or insecure with you doing something they would be afraid to do for themselves. People like to say that it is the expense that causes the apprehension, but no one ever questions the cost of chemotherapy. They may not like it, they may not even be able to afford it, but they do it anyway because they feel like they have no other choice and in most cases their friends and family fully support and understand their decision to do it.

Making decisions based upon facts and logic is far out paced by making decisions based on our emotions. Unfortunately, the emotion at play here is one of desperation. Both of these individuals are desperate for a different result. My hope for you as the reader is to become more aware of what is really going on inside of your own decision-making processes. If you want a different result you are going to have to go all in on a different mindset and philosophy.

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