Grass-fed Chickens Collab

Not all food is created equal.

One of my passions outside of chiropractic is gardening.

I love to know that my food is raised with healthy soil in a clean, toxin-free environment.

Because I’m a meat-eater as well as loving my veggies, I always try to consume 100% grass-fed meat.

For several years, I’ve relied on our neighboring Amish community to provide the highest quality beef, chicken and pork for our family.

I have been collaborating with some of my closest friends in the Amish community to figure out a way to bring these healthier options to our community.

They may not be able to use the Internet to promote their products, but I know this is good for every one of us.

I’ve decided to do just that.

Coming soon, we will be offering online ordering.

100% grass-fed chicken orders will be placed weekly and shipments will be dropped off at our office for pickup on Thursdays.

100% grass-fed beef will be added once we get the chicken to take flight.

If you’re interested in learning more about grass-fed meats for you and your family, message us here at