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This spring I started a project of clearing out some old box elder trees in order to plant some new fruit trees. The easy part was felling the trees and cutting them up. The hard part has been moving the cut-up trees out of the area. It has involved lots of lifting and hauling of the wood as well as dragging brush and feeding it into a chipper. This project has been on delay because my old tractor that powers the chipper has not been running correctly. I have been trying to figure this out for months. The tractor would run for a while just fine, but the more you increased the throttle the engine would begin to sputter and then shut off. If you waited a few minutes, it would start back up and the same thing would happen as soon as you put it under a load. It would idle nonstop with no problems.

I don’t profess to be a diesel mechanic, but I have been able to fix other mechanical issues with this tractor on my own. I knew that the fuel supply was somehow being restricted when it was being drawn under higher pressures. I started by changing the fuel filter. It made no difference. I then drained all of the fuel out of the tank and found some debris in the tank, so I cleaned it out and it seemed a little better, but it still would die out under demand for power. I eventually called in a friend and expert that is a real diesel mechanic. He found the cause of the problem and had it corrected in about an hour. A piece of old fuel line had broken off from the inside and lodged itself in the fitting that leads into the fuel filter.

This same scenario happens in the human body. The first way this happens is when a chunk of plaque inside of an artery breaks off and travels through the circulatory system. It eventually gets logged in a small artery blocking blood flow. The result is the area where that tiny artery supplies gets starved of oxygen and dies. If it is a tiny artery in the brain, it is called an occlusive stroke.

Another blockage that people are very familiar with is when an artery of the heart plugs up with plaque. This narrowing takes place over many years of slowly accumulating this plaque until one day it causes severe enough symptoms that the person seeks medical attention, or they flat out have a heart attack because the artery is completely blocked. Unfortunately, many people’s first symptom associated with heart disease can be a fatal heart attack.

A third example in the human body of this is when people develop blood clots in the veins in their legs from poor circulation and inactivity. Blood clots act in a similar fashion as when a piece of plaque breaks off. These clots will cause pain in the legs and can dislodge and get pumped by the heart into the lungs where they usually get lodged and make breathing very difficult and can result in death.

The last and least well known is when the spine loses alignment or proper posture, which causes a narrowing of the spinal canal or openings where the nerves exit the spine. This narrowing causes a disruption in the quality and quantity of signals that the brain is sending out to the cells, tissues and organs of the body. Like in the three previous examples, most people have no idea this process is occurring because in most cases it is happening gradually over time and we don’t perceive the loss of function until one day we wake up and we have some major symptom or are completely incapacitated.

The good news is that all 4 of these examples can be mitigated if you take the proper action. They can also be avoided and minimized to the point of little loss of function over an entire lifetime. This is done by living a lifestyle that we often call the chiropractic lifestyle. Many people live a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy, organic veggies, grass-fed, free ranged meats, exercising daily, avoiding drugs and chemicals, getting great sleep, brush and floss their teeth regularly, but they lack the component that addresses the nervous system. That component is wellness chiropractic care, which entails getting their spine checked and adjusted regularly from early in life throughout life, regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms.

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