It’s Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature

Chiropractic Oneida NY Chicken CoopYesterday in church, one of our pastors brought up a Native American teaching or concept called the seventh-generation principle. What I took away was that whatever decisions that one is facing, they should consider how their decisions will impact and influence the next seven generations. I can see how this principle has been used in marketing to sell everything from dish soap to cars, but I believe there is quite a bit more worth delving into here. Seven generations can literally be anywhere from 140 to 210 years down the road, using averages of reproducing at 20-30 years old. I don’t know about you, but I struggle to wrap my head around what the next 5-10 years will look like, let alone one and a half to two centuries down the road. When I started to give this some deeper thinking, it made more sense to me that the answers to our decisions are not as complicated as we make them.

Friends of ours invited us over to their house to go swimming yesterday afternoon. After we all swam and were nicely refreshed from the hot day, we were enjoying the view from their pool side shade, and talking where their property lines were in relation to the adjacent woods and fields. There was a field next to the woods that was not their property, but the owners allow them to mow it with a brush hog to keep it from getting over grown. I commented on how quickly abandoned fields like that will eventually turn back into woods. Mother Nature never takes a vacation and she is still undefeated because her forces are relentless and timeless.

Back to the seventh-generation principle, I think the answers to our questions are found by observing and considering nature. We cannot stop nature, and when we try to control it by forcing something that we engineer or think up, eventually it fails and nature takes over again. This has been realized by many and we have all heard the phrase “working with nature not against it.”  Back in the 1970s I remember a margarine commercial where a woman dressed like mother nature would sample some margarine and think it was butter. A TV voice would say it is margarine and she would say “It’s not nice to fool mother nature,” followed by thunder and lightning. How true that statement has become because we now know how bad margarine is for our health. If we all were to consume synthetically made foods like margarine, that are bad for our cells, what will we look like in seven generations? We are only 2 generations from when that commercial aired in 1977. Obesity rates have skyrocketed since the 1970s and so have metabolic and autoimmune diseases.

Fortunately for us, we live in an area where more and more local farmers have been practicing regenerative farming practices, and have moved away from using dangerous chemicals on their crops, and not feeding those GMO engineered crops to their livestock. My wife and I met with 2 of those farmers this past Friday to tour their farms and see how they are working with nature to give their animals the best chance to be healthy without using man made chemicals in any of the process. The amazing thing is that not only are these practices good for the animals, it is good for the soil and it good to for the consumer of those farmed foods. The way they are farming has been good for centuries before and will be for centuries and countless generations to come.

Congruency is the word that keeps coming to mind as I write this. When we make decisions that are congruent with nature, how do things turn out? On the other hand, when we make decisions in conflict with nature, what is the result? Chiropractic has always been about working with that nature inside of you. It is interesting to note that the profession of chiropractic is approaching its seventh generation of existence and nothing about its philosophy or principles has had to be changed or altered. That is because it was born out of observation of nature. Pay close attention to your future decisions and how they are either in conflict or congruent with Mother Nature.

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