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Recently I was talking with a practice member. We had just completed one of his check ups and he was thanking me for helping him to feel better and to get his health back on track. He was really serious and genuine about his gratitude. I don’t know about you, but I have always felt a bit awkward in these moments when someone is thanking me in a deep and meaningful way. I’m not sure why, maybe it is because I was taught to always be humble and respectful, but no one really taught me how to receive praise other than to say “you’re welcome.” I would love to tell you that this happens all the time that someone is giving me super high praises for my work, but the reality is that it usually isn’t like this. Usually, people that get fantastic results are quietly grateful because it is a process that occurs over time. This gradual nature of healing does not lend itself to dramatic praise. Everyone responds to care at different rates because we all begin at different places with different issues.

I have been reflecting on this encounter for about a week now, and distilling down some ideas that I have recently heard on my trip to Dallas. I took a lot of notes, so I thought I would share some of them. The first fact that seemed profound to me is we are all given a body with limitations. It is hard to argue that, although I’m sure there is someone that is ready to do just that. The next part to this made me really think. Our purpose in life is “to kill off those limitations with the almighty power of God.” I did not expect to hear those words at this seminar. This statement made me think of a bunch of questions in my head like don’t we all have different purposes? The more questions I came up with, the more answers I began to uncover that supported the statement. No matter what our goals, careers, dreams or desires, we all have limitations. We often inaccurately call our goals, careers, dreams and desires our purpose. The whole time as we are striving for these things we are fighting through our limitations. This statement also implies that we need help along the way. Man has struggled with this forever. Pride and ego keep us in a limited state.

The next fact is that we all will learn lessons. The second half once again makes you think. The only way to learn lessons is to believe in something bigger than yourself. I wrote down that all setbacks and failures are for protection and promotion. We will all have setbacks and failures. The ability to view them as protection and promotion is like a Judo move, where you flip the script. Most of us have always seen them as a negative and never considered them as positive. That is because we are not believing in anything bigger than ourselves. Trusting that setbacks and failures are protecting us and promoting us is viewing your life with a wide-angle lens, giving you a much bigger picture.

There are no mistakes only lessons. The biggest waste of time, is the time between mistakes and the solution. Think about how much time we have wasted by worrying, complaining, blaming, ignoring, and procrastinating. The faster we can learn from our mistakes, the sooner we can move on to the next lesson. A lesson will be repeated until it is learned. It will just show up in different forms. I can’t even begin to count the number of lessons that I have relearned over and over again. Learning lessons does not end. It is never too late to start anything.

There is no better than here. The mathematical equation to get to there, is to put attention and focus on here. Putting our intention and attention on here moves us closer to there. When we focus on there, we never get there because that is our future self. The present is where we take action.

“Most people go the extra mile every once in a while. If you go the extra mile every single day you will be in the empty mile.” Gratitude is the powerful thing you can do. This brings me back to the beginning. Being grateful changes you and those around you. My client who demonstrated gratitude for my services was powerful. He went the extra mile to put that love and appreciation into my life. Go the extra mile every single day.

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