As a kid growing up, my father was my chiropractor who regularly took care of my physical injuries.

My best friend growing up had a real knack for coming up with wild stunts. I was the one in our group that would carry out those crazy ideas. As you can imagine, I crashed and burned many times.

Add in all of the sports injuries from football, basketball, and pole vaulting, not to mention the seven car accidents that I was a passenger in, kept my father pretty busy.

The amazing thing that stood out to me as a kid was how much faster I would recover compared to my peers.

Fast forward twenty-five years of being a chiropractor myself, and I see the same thing with my own practice members.

The ones that are under regular chiropractic care seem to recover quicker from injuries than those that begin care for the first time, already injured. Why is that?

Mobilization and passive motion help injuries to heal quicker than immobilization. We often go to immobilization when we’re injured, which causes the formation of scar tissue.

Think about when you wake up in the morning — what’s the first thing you want to do?

You want to stretch; this breaks up the adhesions in your joints from not moving much during sleep.

Imagine not moving an injured area for a day, a week, a month, or even six weeks. Imagine how much scar tissue builds up over that time.

Chiropractic uses specialized mobilization techniques to safely and responsibly restore proper motion alignment to injured areas, breaking up and preventing further scar tissue formation, which helps you to heal faster and get back to what you love to do.

I’m Dr. Pete Lombardi with Lombardi Chiropractic, and I would love to see you in my office to help you recover pre, post, or during an injury, whether it’s from a routine workout, competitive performance, or a significant injury like a car accident.