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Anyone that has ever done home renovations themselves, knows first-hand the amount of work that is involved. We recently had a local flooring company install new tile in our billing room at the office. The planning of this has been in the works for several months. One of the parts of the plan was to hire a painter to paint the walls and trim in the room while all of the files and cabinets were removed. Unfortunately, all of the painters that I contacted were booked solid with work for 6 months or more, so I decided to just do it myself. I was hoping to avoid the work by hiring someone else. Not because I am not a good painter, I actually have a lot of experience painting. I just didn’t want to invest the time that it takes to do the work. Now that it is done, I am very happy with the final product, but I will never be able to recover the time that I spent doing it.

We all are faced with situations like this on a regular basis. Some of the time we realize it and make a conscious decision about our utilization of our time. Other times we don’t realize that we are spending our time on low priority things that really don’t bring much value to our lives. I have written about the value of time in the past, but I do believe it is worth revisiting, not only for you the reader, but it is also a great reminder for myself.

It all begins with the end in mind. That is a borrowed phrase from Steven Covey who authored the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This idea alludes to having clearly defined goals or outcomes that you are looking to achieve and reverse engineering them. Goals are nothing new. We have all heard that we should set some goals and shoot for the stars, blah, blah, blah. I’m not minimizing the fact that goals are important, but the real question is what goals are important to you? This is where we have to figure out what we value the most. Our values help us to set goals that are meaningful. In other words, you will enjoy and find it easier to work on goals that are in alignment with your values.

You first need to identify at least your top 3-5 values. This is done by looking at a long list of words that represent values and circling the ones that you like or find important. You may have 30 words circled. Next you go through and identify a top 10 list. From the top 10 rank them in order from 1-10. The top 3-5 will be like a compass to you for making decisions. I may not remember everything, but I do remember my top values.

Many of you have something that you really want to be working on, but your life is already pretty full. Most of us are not sitting around with loads of spare time. In order to add another activity into your life something else is going to have to be removed. To identify what goes and what stays you have to understand your values and your strengths. People that are the best of the best at this, are people that are operating at a minimum of 85% of their day in their greatest strengths.

The biggest detractor from getting all of this in alignment is distraction. You may read this and say it makes sense. I should apply this in my life. Then you get a buzz from your phone, or your name is called out by your child. Whatever it may be, we are all constantly being distracted by either some electronic device or by other people’s pressing needs.

The human nervous system operates the best much like we do. It has a way to do everything that it does. It may not be the most efficient, but it will thrive with more efficiency. When it becomes distracted, it burns more energy and is less productive. This is what we call dis-ease, which means lack of ease. We know that when we clear up communication in the nervous system everything works better. Your own life is the same. When you remove the distractions, you can spend your time on the things that bear the greatest fruits.

When we find ourselves spending a lot of time on low priority things, it is time to re-evaluate to get back on course to where you want to go. Time waits for none of us.

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