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Whenever we get the opportunity to visit any of our children who are in college, my wife always tries to find ways to bring a bit of home to them. One of her go to methods is to cook something for them. My daughter Grace loves to bake, so this past weekend when we traveled to visit our son Luke, they decided to bake him an apple pie. After dinner on Friday night when we got back to our hotel my wife and daughter broke out the pie to surprise him. He was pleased for sure to see the pie. It looked great, and it is a rare occasion that my wife bakes a pie, so I believe the special feeling that she wanted to convey was achieved. Grace was happy to help serve everyone with a slice of pie that she worked so hard to make for her big brother. We all ate our pie and agreed the apple filling was delicious, but the crust was rock hard. My wife realized that something went wrong with making the crust. Grace was in charge of measuring out the butter for the crust and somehow miscalculated the correct ratio of butter. Luke didn’t seem to mind. He was just happy to have something made special for him.

Anyone that has ever experienced a flopped baking attempt has learned how important it is to use the correct ingredients, measured at the correct ratios, mixed together in the correct order, baked at the correct temperature for the correct time. Baking reminds me of performing chemistry labs in college where you have to follow the lab instructions exactly, or you do not get the proper outcome. The cool thing about recipes and lab instructions is that they are repeatable. Anyone that can carry out the instructions to the letter can get the same outcome. The reproducibility is due to the fact that the combining of ingredients follows the laws of nature. The chemical reactions that take place when combining ingredients is 100 percent consistent if the amounts and temperature are consistent.

Baking a pie is a chemistry experiment that can be reproduced. Your health and expression of life is also based upon natural laws, much like baking a pie. Using the right ingredients, in the correct order, in the correct amounts produces a better result than too much or too little of either. Omitting or leaving out ingredients will negatively impact the level of health that you create. Adding uncalled for ingredients will also change the outcome from the ideal. Much like the pie that my wife and daughter baked, your health on the outside may appear to be wonderful, but on the inside, it can be way off.

Finding a recipe for baking a cake, pie or cookies is really easy. All you have to do is type it into Google, open a cookbook, or ask the baker who bakes your favorites for the recipe. The recipe for health is a bit more confusing because there are a lot of varying opinions on what it means to be healthy and how to get there. My best piece of advice on this is to follow what follows the natural laws as to how they relate to our design. Your functional health is like the taste of a freshly baked pie. The pie only tastes perfect if it was made following the recipe to the letter. Your body’s performance will be only as good as the quality and quantity of your ingredients, along with the efforts applied to movement, rest, information fed to the brain and clarity of communication between the brain and body. At the same time minimizing your toxic load.

One of my favorite sayings is “success leaves clues.” The healthiest people on the planet are following a much different recipe than the majority. Those are the people that I have always gone to for advice and guidance on what I need to do in order to get the results I seek. If you are happy with the “look and taste” of your health, then stick with your recipe. If you are not satisfied with your appearance and function, you need to change your recipe. My suggestion would be to change one ingredient at a time. Much like baking, if you modify more than one ingredient you run the risk of not knowing how much impact that variable is making. Continue this process until you have created your best recipe for health and happiness. If you don’t like your own cooking, you only have one person to blame.

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