About 30 years ago, I decided to do something that I would truly love to do for work.

I decided I’d become a chiropractor, not because my father, my uncle, my cousin, my aunt, and my brother are all chiropractors, but because I wanted to help people to become as healthy as they could be so they wouldn’t get sick as often so that they could do the things that they enjoy doing.

When I lost my mother at 16 years old to cancer, I knew what it felt like to lose a loved one, and I really wanted to do whatever I could to try to prevent that from happening to other people.

So 28 years ago, I was driving down the New York State Thruway having a conversation with myself as I was heading to chiropractic college for the very first time.

And what I was telling myself was don’t screw up.

Take this seriously.

Give it your all.

Become the best chiropractor that you could become.

Learn everything that you can.

And today, I’m still doing that.

Today, I’m still reading books.

Today, I’m still reading journals.

Today, I’m still going to seminars and doing trainings, learning from anybody that I can, anything that I can to help people navigate this world as healthy as possible.

I’m Doctor Pete Lombardi, and I believe that your family’s health is just as important as my family’s health.