Bird Nests and Beaver Dams

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Our home has a covered walkway around the front of our house. Under that walkway we have our grill and a bench. Sometimes we will set up chairs to watch the sunset during the late spring and summer. My wife has placed hooks under the carrying beam of the walkway that she likes to attach hanging baskets of flowers once the threat of a frost has passed. My daughter likes to attach bird feeders to these hooks so she can watch from inside what birds come to feed. The birds love the feeders once they quickly discover them. The covered walkway is also frequented by robins every year. Like clockwork, they begin gathering dried grasses and flying them up to the top of the carrying beam to build a nest. We then take the nesting material down to thwart their construction. The next day, more nesting material is back again. This goes on day after day. Each day their construction of a nest gets further and further along. If we miss one day of removing the material, we will be surprised to find a fully completed nest with an egg in it.

It kind of boggles my mind why a pair of robins would continue to try and build a nest in an area where all of their days work is being destroyed. It is almost like they are betting that we will go on vacation for just enough time for her to lay her eggs and raise her young. Why do they pick there? Couldn’t they just find a different sheltered place to build a nest? It reminds me of when I was a kid, we used to own some farm land up north in Theresa. Every time we went up there, we would begin each work day by opening up the beaver dams that threatened to flood the fields where we grew our produce. We would arrive the next day to find that the beavers had rebuilt their dam. The relentlessness of both of these species gives us a glimpse of how powerful and purposeful their inborn instincts really are.

A big part of science is observation. From observation we draw conclusions or make hypotheses, and test those best guesses to see if they are true. Back in the late 1800’s a man who was known at the time as a magnetic healer, teacher, fishmonger (person who sells raw fish), and beekeeper noticed something that was to him quite amazing. He noticed that the bees that we all know that make honey from nectar, were really intelligent. He noticed that they had this inborn wisdom that they knew when to do what, in order to keep the hive healthy for their queen. On a side note, the shape of the cells that make up a honey comb are mathematically the most efficient shape to use to store the most honey. His observations of bees brought about his use of the term innate intelligence, meaning inborn wisdom. All living species on the planet posses an innate intelligence.

This man went on to discover and create the chiropractic profession, which today still relies on the scientific fact that all living species on the planet have and use an innate intelligence. Innate intelligence is not a conscious intelligence like educated intelligence. Educated intelligence comes from our conscious decisions, which are often times flawed or poorly concocted. Innate intelligence from my experience, is taken for granted much like the electrical system in your home. You don’t think about the electricity flowing through your wires until you have a power outage and nothing works. Innate intelligence is expressed through your nervous system. It is the driving force of the life that keeps you alive by doing what it does.

Scientists don’t particularly like this term because you can’t measure it, or quantify it fully. You can only measure some of its characteristics like heart rate variability, thermography, and surface EMG. This is why we use these assessments to read how our practice members are expressing innate intelligence, which is literally what is driving their life. It is relentless and tireless always looking out for your best interest in order for you to survive your environment. Doesn’t it deserve to be cared for and supported.

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