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Many of you who know me know that I enjoy gardening and watching things grow. When I was a kid, I grew up in a family that raised onions on a commercial scale. We also raised other vegetables for our family but to a scale that was over the top. The joy of watching something grow is offset by the work involved with keeping the weeds and bugs from destroying the crops. We used to spend the entire day on our hands and knees weeding endless rows upon rows of onions in the hot summer sun. I would pray for rain to cool us down and hopefully get a break. When the rain finally came, we would end up inside the barn working on fixing onion crates, so much for a break.

After a childhood like this you may wonder why I still have a big garden. The answer is that I don’t grow onions. The other answer is more spiritual in a way. You see tilling the soil, planting the seed is the easy part. It is like placing a bet. Once the bet is placed it is out of your control. The magic of what unfolds as the seed germinates and begins to express its potential is really unbelievable. Once it breaks through the surface and you see that tiny green plant, you now have the task of caring for it making sure it has everything that it needs. You have to try and protect it the best that you can from all the things that may either prey upon it or steal its nutrients. What I have found over the years of doing this is that if the soil is healthy and alive the plant is stronger and more resilient.

Commercial agriculture is a huge business that involves a lot of moving parts. Every year they are growing large quantities of corn, wheat, oats, and soy to feed the world as cheaply as possible. In order to accomplish this task, they have turned to science to come up with chemicals to eliminate weeds and bugs. These chemicals work great to do their job. In the process they also kill the microorganisms that once lived in the soil. This has left the soil hardened and dead. This is why they use fertilizers when planting and through the growth cycle in order to cause germination and growth. We see giant green plants, yet they are missing what we don’t see. Living healthy soil contains healthy bacteria and fungi that work with the plants to give them everything that they need. This produces a nutrient dense plant that is healthy for us consume.

Soil health is akin to cellular health in us. In order to allow soil to be healthy you have to feed it what it needs, which is basically what falls on the ground in the forest. Leaves and sticks land on the ground and decompose making new dirt. This decomposition process is carried out by the microorganisms. What kills this process is man’s interference of clearing out the trees and using chemicals to try and control what grows and what doesn’t grow. In humans we don’t always feed our microbiome what it needs. In fact, we often destroy it by swallowing down chemicals in our food, drinks and drugs. This upsets the delicate balance of our internal ecosystem. Just like plants we attempt to adapt and survive this by expressing different symptoms. Unfortunately, man’s view of symptoms is to add more chemicals to try to eliminate their expression, and round and round we go.

Chiropractic is concerned with all things natural. Working with nature instead of trying to out think it or outsmart it. We now know that plants communicate with the soil and all the microorganisms that reside there through the root system. Our cells communicate with our brain through the nervous system and vice versa. They already know how to do everything that they need to do in order for you to express your genetic potential. Chiropractic works by making sure that the channels of communication are optimal through making adjustments where necessary to remove any interference in communication. This is much like pulling the weeds out by the roots preventing interference in the plant’s growth. Your health and your family’s health can be as healthy and vibrant as the beautiful produce that comes from healthy organic soil. Make the changes necessary to enjoy the harvest!

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