One In Six, One In Six Newborn Babies Will Have Colic

Colic is the term used to describe a super uncomfortable baby.

They’re clench fisted, they’re inconsolable, and they just never seem to stop crying.

This is very stressful for the parents and those trying to care for newborn babies.

At Lombardi Chiropractic we focus on function first.

We know that newborn babies are born to be healthy and not sick.

By using very gentle, low-force specific chiropractic adjustments, we bring calm over the baby’s nervous system so they can finally be at ease.

This, in turn, allows the parents to finally get some rest.

If you have a colicky baby and are not sure what to do, consider giving gentle pediatric chiropractic care a try.

I’m Doctor Pete Lombardi at Lombardi Chiropractic in Oneida, New York, and we love helping newborns to be as healthy as possible.