Ear Infections Are One Of The Most Common Reasons Why Children Go To A Pediatrician

In most of those cases, the result is a prescription for an antibiotic to kill bacteria, which are only part of the infectious process.

The real question that is rarely ever addressed is why is there an infection there in the first place?

Most ear infections are caused by a backup of fluid in the ear, which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

It stands to reason that if you can get the ear to drain properly, which is the cause of the problem, the infection should clear up on its own.

Chiropractic care focuses on relieving pressure on the nerves that control and coordinate the drainage of the head and neck, which includes the ears.

Based on studies, chiropractic care is 93% effective on children with ear infections.

This is why more doctors are referring their patients to chiropractors for help.

At Lombardi Chiropractic, we focus on gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments to relieve the stress on the nerves that are causing the body to not function as it should, no matter what the age or condition.