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CNY Holistic Parenting Group

CNY Holistic Parenting Group is all about providing parents with the support they need to navigate their individual pathway to family wellness.

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Meeting once a month, in person, and always available for support and encouragement on our Facebook page. Creating your community because you were never meant to parent alone.

For parents of all ages and stages of life. From pregnancy to the college years. We discuss holistic topics ranging from natural pregnancy and birth, breastfeeding, vaccinations, conscious parenting styles, following of faith, listening to our inner voice, allowing for mistakes and growth, raising independent, loving, confident, intelligent and contributing members to our communities. 

When & Where?

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Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month from 9:30am -11:00am (changing to the 3rd Tuesday of each month starting January 2019) at Lombardi Chiropractic in Oneida. Please join us!
Contact Sandy Lombardi at 315.225.1338 for more information.



Monday,  Wednesday, Thursday

7:30am - 6:00pm

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Lombardi Chiropractic
1116 Upper Lenox Avenue
Oneida, NY 13421
(315) 363-4114

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“I've always have poor posture and it has affected me in major ways. I just wasn't comfortable. Since coming here, I've notice that I don't get the uncomfortableness anymore."

- Kim P.

“I was in excruciating back pain and I struggled along for about 5 years. I would hardly be able to move. I decided I needed to do something. I came to see Dr. Pete and within a month he had taken care of all of my back pain.”

- Jess

“I had suffered from migraines for a majority of my life. It was to the point where it affected my life and I couldn't get out of bed. Within three weeks my migraines subsided and I can't tell you the last time I had one. It has changed my life.”

- Melissa T.

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1116 Upper Lenox Avenue

Oneida, NY 13421