Rant time. You know what I think is crazy? Waiting until you’re in severe pain to do something about your health. I think that’s nuts. Only 10% of our brain deals with pain. The other 90% is running everything else. So waiting for it to tell you what’s wrong sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it? So if we’re so good at getting people out of pain, don’t you think then we’d be great at preventing it too?

I’m Doctor Pete Lombardi with Lombardi Chiropractic in Oneida, New York.

That’s what we want for the entire family. We’ve been helping families, little babies, expecting moms, and elite athletes all live, not only pain-free, but perform at their best, as close to their 100% as possible. They’re all living healthier, happier lives without drugs, surgery or wasted time.

So what can chiropractic do for you? Contact us to learn more about how our adjustments are the 100% drug-free path to pain-free health and wellness.