I’m Doctor Pete Lombardi and people always ask me, if it works so well, why do I have to keep coming back? I always like to ask them well, how often do you brush your teeth? How often should you eat fruits and vegetables? How often do you actually work out and how about taking a shower? You know, how often do you do that?

Those are all certainly good for you, but you can’t just do them once and be set for life. See, I’m a chiropractor, and while the work we do is amazing and, believe me, I’ve got tons of patient testimonials to prove it, we’re not just a quick fix. We focus on the cause of health challenges because ultimately it impacts the quality of your entire life, not just today.

So it’s not a lifetime commitment to seeing us, it’s a lifetime commitment to your health and that’s different for everybody. And ultimately your choice. Contact us to learn about adjustments and why we are the only 100% drug-free path to health and wellness.