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In the spring time I always find more projects to do around my house than it seems like I have time to complete. Last year we had to repair our septic system and it left our lawn torn up. We needed to plant grass seed, but before we did, we needed to get the ground level and smooth, as well as pick up some straw to help the seed germinate and grow. On our way to find a place that could sell us some straw we stopped at a nursery. The nursery owner gave us directions to a farm to get our straw. Before we left, we ended up buying 7 fruit trees from him. This is how one project turns into two. In the back of my mind, I knew that I had been clearing an area of undesirable trees that would be a good spot for some fruit trees someday.

When we first built our house 14 years ago these undesirable trees were small and barely noticeable. Over those 14 years they have grown considerably and attract a certain bug that likes to find its way into our house. It is quite amazing how nature has continued to build every year. That little hedge row has turned into a mini forest.

Last night I had a dream that woke me up in the middle of a good sleep. In the dream I was excited to see something that was on the other side of a large tree. I hurried to get around the tree and before I knew it, I had stepped off of a cliff and fell about 30 feet onto hard ground. I woke up with my heart racing.  I have had dreams like this before and I am not exactly sure what they mean, but I know that the way that I feel when I wake up is very real even though the dream is just a story in my mind.

I have been consulting with patients about their health challenges for over 25 years now, and I have seen and heard some really amazing things. Something that is very powerful that is often overlooked is what we see. I don’t mean seeing with our eyes, as much as I do with our mind. What our mind sees and believes seems to rule the day time and time again. If someone always views themselves as the person with xyz problem, they don’t ever seem to move on from it until they see in their mind how it can be different.

Before we ever built our house we camped on the spot and imagined how it would be to have a home there. We imagined where we would want the kitchen, the dining room, the bedrooms, and so on based upon what you would see when you looked out of a window. We first created our house in our mind, then we drew up the plans and then we built it.

This is no different when building your health. If you only see yourself as the person in the mirror, you will continue to recreate that person over and over by doing what you have always been doing. If you see you as the person with a certain diagnosis, chances are you will struggle to ever get over it, you will have the common tendency to become your diagnosis.  Instead of focusing the mind on the diagnosis, what about focusing on building health? If the thought of that raises questions that you do not know the answers to, you are on the right path toward a better outcome. One of the biggest challenges is losing focus along that path.

Nature continues to grow. It will follow its laws. When we understand that it is much easier to work with nature than against it, we can create a plan that allows nature to do its job inside of us.

I had a plan all along for the fruit trees in my mind before I bought them. I was making a place for them with protection from the wind, good soil, and great sunlight. The big question is how do you see yourself? Think of the things that will allow nature to build healthy cells in your body. What is the plan to make that happen?

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