It seems like people are on one side of the fence when it comes to living a healthier drug-free life through chiropractic. Those who use it, love it. Meanwhile, everyone else falls victim to a misbelief about the work that we actually do. So we thought we’d put these myths to rest and here’s the top six.

One, you have to go to a chiropractor for life. The goal of chiropractic is to fix the cause of your health issues. This means it’s not a lifetime commitment. However, reaching your health goals may take some time.

Number two, chiropractors only treat back pain. Many people think chiropractors only focus on the spine because adjustments take place there due to the nervous system actually running through the spine. However, chiropractors are focused on total body health and wellness.

Number three, chiropractic is dangerous. Adjustments do not hurt, and they are not dangerous. The small precise movements that’s executed by a chiropractor are designed to relieve pain and not to cause it.

Number four, chiropractic isn’t for everyone. Well, all men, women, and children can receive chiropractic care. In fact, children see significant boosts in mood, immunity, and focus. Additionally, pregnant women get relief from prenatal discomfort, back pain, and digestive issues.

Number five, chiropractic is expensive. A healthier, happier life is priceless and chiropractic care is extremely cost-effective compared to surgery, time off work, prescription medications, irreplaceable, family time. 10 years in chiropractic care is less than just one surgery.

Number six, chiropractors aren’t doctors. There’s a common belief that chiropractors are less educated and not real doctors.

After undergraduate studies, chiropractic requires four to five years of graduate studies.

Then you must pass four certification examinations after graduating, and in many areas, we have more education than medical doctors.