You’ve heard it before; failure to plan is a plan to fail. And I couldn’t agree more. Somebody came into our office a few days ago with some health challenges and said, here’s where I want to be in 90 days. All right. Totally reasonable.

So when they came back in last night for their case review, I went over to their plan for them and they said, wow, I can’t believe that actually seems doable.

Well, it certainly does.

You see, if you find yourself in the woods and you don’t really know where you want to go, it’s really hard to draw a map. But if you’ve got a destination in mind, then we can create a plan for you. A map to traverse all the changes in terrain, as we cross through the woods. Same thing in a chiropractic office, we’re going to come up with ways to address nutritional, physical, and emotional stressors that are creating physical problems in your life that you’re dissatisfied with.

And along the plan, we set up checkpoints to make sure we’re on the path that we need to be on. And throughout that, if one of those checkpoints we find out that we’re actually off course, then we have a chance to course correct.

So that’s, what’s really so important. I’m Doctor Pete Lombardi with Lombardi Chiropractic, and we want to know what your health goal is, because we want to help you set up the map to get you where you want to be. See you soon. Be well.